KLARC would like to wish all members old and new, as well as anyone else reading this, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

We’re not here next week, but we’re back on the 3rd January 2019.

A Welcome Message From The Club Chairman

Autumn Welcome Letter

Welcome to the KLARC website.  We’re still in the stages of rebuilding the website, but the progress has been encouraging!  We hope that you find it helpful and informative.

We meet on a Thursday evening for radio and general chat.  £1 covers the cost of all the tea and coffee you can drink.

Our radio shack has been recently updated with new equipment, and those with a current licence are welcome to use it.  The Antenna farm has also had a major upgrade as well, so come along and talk to the world!

If you don’t have a licence yet, but you’re interested, please come along and talk about training, equipment, or anything else.  We’re happy to demonstrate the wonders of amateur radio in the club shack.

Our upcoming events include Jamboree on the Air, and the start of the Autumn talk season, details of which will be announced on here.

We are a friendly club, always ready to welcome new members, and cover a range of aspects of radio.

Best 73



Amateur Radio – A 21st Century Hobby
“Whether you enjoy writing software, getting hands-on with practical equipment, developing new technology or simply want to use what’s already there to communicate with others across the world, you’ll find all of this – and more – within amateur radio. It is also great fun. Why don’t you try it?”