Hello and welcome to the Kings Lynn Amateur Radio Club website.

I am delighted to say that our Thursday evening meetings continue to be well attended over the Winter.  If you would like to attend on a Thursday evening, but have transport issues, please get in touch. It might be that there is a helpful club member that can assist.

We have some good talks coming up and I would like to thank all the members that turn up to listen to our guest speakers.  (I suppose I should also thank the members that turn up for the food that Kevin and his working party kindly organise.)

King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club has a small but enthusiastic Contest group. If you have even a slight interest please let us know.  It’s really not as scary as it first seems and it can be very rewarding. Help and advice is available to get started or to improve your scores.

As always, my thanks to all that volunteer and support the club. Without their help the club would not be able to function. If you would like to assist with any aspect of the club please get in touch through email or come and have a chat on a club night.

Kings Lynn A.R.C. run flexible courses to assist with obtaining an Amateur Radio Licence. Contact us to see how we can help you have fun learning and get on the air quickly.

The K.L.A.R.C. team are easily contacted through our website and social media or better still, come and meet us in person on a Thursday evening.  Drop in for a brew and a chat!
Mike (M0XXM)