Welcome to the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club site.

Keep your fingers crossed, we “may” be able to meet at the Club before the Summer is out.
While on the subject of ifs, buts and maybes,
I have been asked several times if the 31st Great Eastern Rally will take place this year.
“If we are allowed by the Government and the Venue, a risk assessment will be carried out”.
Basically if we can run it we will, But unfortunately that might mean making a late decision, possibly the week before!

Your Club is still meeting on air with Nets on Thursday and Sunday both starting at 7pm on GB3KY and on a Tuesday on 144.290 MHz USB.  If you don’t have an Amateur Radio Licence we can help!
Quite a few of our members join us through Skype and can listen in to the Nets, this is handy if access to the repeater or a radio is difficult.
Please join in, you do not have to be a member of KLARC and it’s surprisingly good fun and can help lift the spirits.
We are happy to consider other modes of communication if what we offer does not suit you.
One Club member suggested that we could try more Club activities with Direction finding/Fox hunting. Volunteers are always appreciated and experience is not necessary, if you can help with this, please get in touch.
Thanks to all the Club supporters that are having a bash at contesting. KING’S LYNN ARC are currently 6th in The RSGB 80m CCs. Well done!
If you need help finding us on air or virtually email me: m0xxm@hotmail.com

I am looking forward to meeting you all again as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime if you need any help or have any ideas for the Club please get in touch.

If you had an email from OfCom and need guidance, check out the OfCom/EMF page on the website.
If you haven’t had an email from OfCom recently, check your spam/junk folder then check that you have validated your licence (must be done at least once every 5 Years!).
Stay safe,
Mike (M0XXM)