Hello and welcome to the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club site.

Hi Club Member,
Firstly I hope you and yours are well and managing to cope with the restrictions that seem necessary to protect us all.
Many of our Members are of course retired and presumably have fined tuned their ability to potter and tinker in order to fill the days. To the members that are still going to work and keep things ticking along your efforts are appreciated! To the other members that suddenly are at a loose end remember you can still talk to the rest of us, we are all on the Radio!
The Club has stopped assembling face to face. We are trying to stay in touch and I am sure many of you will have noticed an increase in traffic on the radio. There are more Contests cropping up all the time to keep the more competitive amongst us entertained. If you want to try contesting and need some support please ask.
KLARC currently run three Nets. These are very informal and definitely not too serious although Club news and updates may be communicated. I would like to encourage all members to join in. If you are not sure how to take part in a Net don’t worry there is now a guide on the website (Click on the Nets tab). I am happy to help further if you need it, just send me an email! We are also looking for volunteers to run the Thursday night nets for those of you who fancy the title “Net Controller”.
King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club Nets:
Sunday 19:00 (Local) GB3KY
Tuesday 19:00 (Local) 144.290 USB
Thursday 19:00 (Local) GB3KY
I would like to thank Sarah who continues to work away in the background on the website. Have a look at the latest offering “Lockdown Laughter” silly stuff to make you smile. Please help cheer everyone up and send amusing jokes, stories and photos to Sarah so we can all share the laughter or at least smile. The King’s Lynn Cardboard Cowboy (G0VHH)  and the recycled CW microwave oven transmitter (G0IJU) have still to be submitted.
If you find yourself in quarantine for your or others safety, don’t struggle, you are not alone! There are many Club members that will be happy to help. If you have Radio related issues or need help with collection of essential food and medicine and delivery to your door, please get in touch!
I can be reached on the Radio and by email m0xxm@hotmail.com
Mike  (M0XXM)

73, Mike (M0XXM) Chairman K.L.A.R.C.