We are sad to announce that Barry (G8CBB) has gone silent key.  His family have asked us to announce that his funeral will be at Mintlyn Crematorium, at 10am, 20th December.  As a club we send our condolences and best wishes to Sandra and family.  


With the arrival of Autumn, this is probably a good time to remind you that it’s not too late for those outside antenna jobs that you’ve been meaning to get sorted. They certainly won’t be any easier when the weather gets a hold! Get in touch if you need help either technical or physical.

The Rally was a success, many visitors and Traders expressed their gratitude to the Club for taking a chance and going ahead.

We managed to raise some funds which always pleases the treasurer. The date for the 2022 Great Eastern Radio Rally has been confirmed with the venue as Sunday the 7th of August.

Dave (2E0KSF) has written a good report on the Lighthouse event, (The Club activated Hunstanton Lighthouse), if you get a chance please read it here!

Your Club is still meeting on air with Nets on Sunday starting at 7pm on GB3KY and on a Tuesday on 144.290 MHz USB.  Please join in if you have a licence, If you don’t have an Amateur Radio Licence we can help.

Quite a few of our members join us through Skype and can listen in to the Nets, this is handy if access to the repeater or a radio is difficult. Please join in, you do not have to be a member of KLARC and it’s surprisingly good fun and can help lift the spirits. (email me with your Skype ID and I’ll add you to the group.

Ideas and volunteers for Club activities are always appreciated and experience is not necessary, if you can help, please get in touch.

Thanks to all the Club supporters that are having a bash at contesting. We are now into the RSGB 80m Autumn series. (Foundation and Intermediate licence holders can score more points!). Fancy having a go? Want to know more? Just ask!

Most important of all the news is that we are currently meeting again on Thursday evenings from 19:30 at the Scout Hall.

If you need help finding us on air or virtually email me: m0xxm@hotmail.com

 Stay safe,


Mike (M0XXM)