Welcome to the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club site.
The pandemic still has its grip on our lives and to me at least the “New Normal” doesn’t seem new or normal.
With the current Lockdown I am sorry to say that there is no sign of us returning to our friendly meetings at the Hall. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for Club activities and as always any volunteers will be appreciated.
The Club Nets on Thursday and Sunday both starting at 7pm on GB3KY have been ticking along quite well. There are a few regulars as well a healthy balance of occasional visitors. Anyone who might want to have a go as Net Controller please let me know. We won’t push you in to the deep end, help and guidance will be given!
We have been very lucky to have assistance with the setting up of GB3KY and GB3KL. As a Club we should be very proud that both of our repeaters are functioning very well!


The Club is happy to offer the Repeaters for all licensed Amateurs. Please show your support and use them!
Please stay safe,
Mike (M0XXM)