Hello and welcome to the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club Website.

rsgb presentation 11 apr @ 19:30.

Our RSGB regional rep will be giving a talk with a Q&A session afterwards.

Please come along and join in, you do not have to be an RSGB member to participate, but you may get a better understanding of what the organisation is about and how they may help you.

Mutterings from the management

It’s Christmas morning, and I’ve finally got a bit of peace to write this!
Here we are at the end of what has been a good year for KLARC.  The rally was an outstanding sucess, we have fox hunted for the first time for some of us, Lighthouses was a lot of fun, and we’ve attended more rallies than in previous years. (Next year could see the return of Rally Roundup!) OfCOM have had a consultation, and appear to have listened to what people said, and the new guidance comes into play this year. We’ve begun having talks again and we have more planned.
So what is in the future of KLARC?
2024 is going to be a strong year for KLARC.
Dave has already sent out the beginnings of a list for events that we intend to make a showing at, either from club or from a specified location.  Jack and Kev have plans for ‘bacon butty bunkering’, and activating as many bunkers as they can (more to follow on this, as well as how you can be part of it!)  We are hoping to experiment with as many OTA as we can, and use both club and individual call signs.
Dave (he is so efficient!) has also put in place the dates for the quarterly meetings and Annual General Meeting.  So far people seem to like the format of the quarterly meetings and certainly as a committee of two, we feel that it’s more accountable this way.  Anyone is welcome to any of the meetings.  If you have transport issues then please do let us know and we can see what we can do to help.  
We also have several talks booked in already, but if you know of anyone who ‘does talks’ then please talk to Dave or I and we will reach out.
Kev and crew will be doing some updating of the website soon, and this may involve moving things around. If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it, please let us know, and we will send you the information.  
This year several members took part in the RSGB 80m Club Championship contest series and managed to achieve 4th place in the general clubs section, if you would like to take part in these quick fire (90 minute) events please see Kev (M0KKM) or Ted (G4OZG) and they will point you in the right direction.
We will still be running the KLARC GB3KY Sunday night Net at 19:00. As usual the Club Skype chat will be live from about 18:30. If you haven’t been on a Skype chat with us before and are curious click here to find us or email me and I’ll help you to get sorted.
Before I forget, see Dave about your membership if you have not already done so.  Thanks to the success of the rally we have kept the years memberships the same!
Lastly, we are still running over Christmas at the Scout Hut, so come down on the 28th and have a brew and a break from the Christmas madness.  
Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!
Sarah (2E0NRX)