Hello and welcome to the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club Website.

We have been informed that one of our past members has sadly gone SK.

Rest in Peace Mike Hubbard G3OVL, ex of Syderstone.

His Funeral will be at the crematorium 30 May at 16:00 if you wish to attend.


The Radio Club is currently meeting on Thursday evenings from 19:30 at the Scout Hall. Members wanting to help the Key holders set up for Club Nights are welcome to arrive a little earlier at 19:00.

I am delighted to confirm both the Kettle and heating have both been working well!

KLARC currently run two VHF Nets both starting at 7pm on Sundays through GB3KY and on Tuesdays on 144.290 MHz USB (Vertical Antennas).

Volunteer ‘Net Controllers’ always welcome, training can be given.

If you have a licence please join in, If you don’t have an Amateur Radio Licence we can help. Want to join in but don’t know how? check out the KLARC Net guide.

The Club Skype chats continue where both opinions and knowledge can be shared. Help is available to join in!

If you need help with the hobby, meeting up, finding us on air or virtually please send the Club an email, web.klarc@gmail.com.


Cheers, 73,

Mike (M0XXM)