Airfields on the Air

Airfields on the Air is an event that has been running for many years now and is organised by RAFARS and you can read more about it here!

In the last two years, KLARC has activated RAF Downham Market, one of many in Norfolk.

It opened in the summer of 1942, and was home to a range of squadrons and aircraft over the years, including 218 and 623 operating Short Stirling Aircraft, 214 and 635 who flew Lancasters, 571 with deHavilland Mosquitos, and 608 with Canadian Mosquitos.

The station closed as an operational airfield in 1946.

RAF Downham Market lost 170 aircraft in the years that it was open; 109 Stirlings, 40 Lancasters and 21 Mosquitos.

Today, most of the airfield is used as farmland, although there is an unmanned radio relay station in one corner of the base.

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