What do you get when you add 25+ scouts and cubs from 3 different packs, (they moved too fast to count them properly!) a brilliant group of leaders, and a dedicated group of radio enthusiasts?

You get JOTA/JOTI!

Jamboree On The Air/Jamboree On The Internet  (JOTA-JOTI) is, according to the World Scout Organisation, “a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouting using the widest range of technology communication channels to educate, promote cultural awareness, develop tolerance, as well as enhance sharing, collaboration and teamwork, along with building a sense of belonging to the worldwide Scout Movement. It is a “travel-free” Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world.”

On the Internet, the Scouts contacted other Scouts through Internet Relay Chat, carefully overseen by adults.  They exchanged JID’s, (the JOTI equivalent of a Maidenhead Locator) and collected as many countries as they could.

On the radio, after a slow start because digital was being temperamental and the HF bands were slow, the Scouts were able to speak to people as close as Mike, sitting on the common in his Landrover, and as far away as Florida, USA.  They were also able to contact other Scout Groups in places like Northampton and Scotland, also collecting the JIDs for those packs.

Happily, all the Scouts and Cubs were able to earn their communicator badge, (which has some stiff requirements!) and all at the club were pleased to have helped them to get there.  Many thanks to all of the Club Members who were able to come and help.

We’ll be there, same time next year!