Club Night Diaries – April 2019


It’s been a quiet night at the club, although lots of things have been discussed, ranging from Mysterious Boxes, to exam dates.  A short precis of events would be :

  1. The Foundation exam is going to be on the 9th May.
  2. Lots of people want to go to the Thorpe Camp Hamfest (Dambusters Rally as was) and Ian is already debating his food choice.
  3. The web admin had dropped the ball on linking the Airfields on the Air event, but has spent the evening correcting that with the usual genius.
  4. The New Chairman did an excellent job of his first set of announcements, but did a terrible job of filling up the teabags.
  5. There was a lot of discussion about childhood puppet shows, and Joe 90.
  6. There was some discussion about DMR and other forms of digital radio and whether that was through the repeater or a Zumspot/JumboSpot/some other spot.
  7. There was some discussion about whether we should have a Facebook page again that did stuff.
  8. There was discussion about Tony Hancock’s The Radio Ham  and how it was still relevant, as well as the presentation of radio in films.

And that was about it.



1945 : It is a night of momentous change for the club.

The Committee is Meeting.

Dave has a stack of nominations – who for? Who knows.

There will be an announcement of Olly’s successor in due course.

And there has been an apology from the Bringers of Mysterious Boxes, to say that, owing to the gravity of tonight’s vote, they had brought no Mysterious Boxes.


What a difference an hour makes!

Firstly, our new Chairman (who has been unanimously voted in by the attendant membership) has made a lovely acceptance speech, and we look forward to his equally lovely piece of writing for the home page.

Secondly, life immediately returned to normal.

There was some waving around of antenna stuff.

Clive made electricity from nothing.

Training crew, albeit diminished due to illness, did radio and morse.



Another month.

The kettle was boiling.

The room was full.

Ian had chocolate.

Mike was without bandages.

All was right with the world.

There was a committee meeting.  23 of our 41 members were there.  As usual, CND made no notes.  Until the very last thing, when our beloved chairman made his Announcement.

He wished to stand down as our glorious leader.

After a stunned silence, and a round of applause, there was a short discussion, and it was agreed that there will be an EGM next week, 11/4/19 at 8pm, and any persons who wish to nominate or stand will be able so to do, and any one holding a membership will be eligible to vote.

An email will be sent out with more details to anyone who doesn’t read CND (And if you don’t, what are you doing with your life?)

After the meeting closed, there was some radio occurring and general chat.  Clive brought in some boxes, and then flew a little tiny helicopter.

One suggestion from the meeting was that there was a list created of first names, call signs, and email addresses where offered, and those are to be found on the Who’s Who? page.

This is a bit of a plain Club Night Diaries, because of the committee meeting, but such is life.

Looking to the future there is Airfields on the Air on Saturday, and Kev et al will be at what was RAF Downham Market.  Sunday is Cambridge Rally, and the intrepid Rally Round up Team will be heading out once more.  Rumour has it that Ian intends to try something new this week, as he feels having cheesy chips twice on the bounce will stereotype him.  Check out the write up later in the week.