Club Night Diaries – February 2019

14th February 2019

It was a quiet and peaceful night, which was probably a good thing as there will, no doubt, be a frenzy of contesting next week on CW.  However,  Club Night Diaries will start with a formal apology to Dave, who was the only person whose callsign not used last week’s Cabinet Reshuffle post.  And this week, again to apologise to Dave, whose callsign was written down REALLY CAREFULLY after omitting it last week but has disappeared under a mountain of paper.  As such, the Editor of Club Night Diaries has taken the egalitarian step of not including anyone’s callsigns this week, in case she is accused of favouritism again.

However, there was some news!  It is never completely uneventful at KLARC.

Firstly, Kev had finished the new badges.  George offered to model his, using a sultry BurtonMan type pose.  Many members have them, and it is going to make identifying people for Club Night Diaries a lot easier. (Partly because of the big print!)

The eagle eyed reader will note that Mike has two badges on.  One was his, and the other his good lady wife, who sadly missed the looking at pictures and laughing that went on when discussing mods for the Clansman radios.

Meanwhile, Ian had been left in charge of a Mysterious Bag.  It was not a Mysterious Box, and indeed, had not been brought by the usual suspects, but had been brought by our esteemed Chairman.  What could it be?

Jack went to the shack and poked the radio, ready for next weeks contesting with Mike.

Clive invited me to take a picture of “Probably the most complicated radio I have ever built.”  It looked it to this untrained eye, but did have some beautiful soldering work.

Ah! Words! Dave has decided to take on the Membership role after all. Ted, whose retirement will revolve around railway engines and tea, decided that a few days shadowing was enough and handed Dave his Folder.  In the interim, Dave had created a leaflet and membership form with appropriate GDPR wording that will go out to all existing and new membership.  It was read, alterations were made, and all is considered good.

Also, our email to RadCom paid off, and the passing of the Intermediate Cohort was announced with due ceremony in the back pages.  The Foundation Course started this week with 2 members, and we look forward to Kev continuing his 100% pass rate!

And finally, a contribution from the membership.  We at Club Night Diaries were pleased to receive a photograph and caption from someone who shall remain anonymous, but does enjoy pointing out faults in photographs of Clansman mods.

“The Deputy Chairman asking the Chairman for another teabag.”




7th February 2019

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the King’s Lynn Amateur Radio Club.  It was well attended by 27 voting members with a few apologies.

Whilst some of what was said will forever remain enclosed in Eric’s folder, (and who wants to know about accounts anyway, they are very boring, and we know he does them right!) there were some interesting points raised.

Firstly, there was a rousing call to arms from our beloved Chairman, who gave a stirring speech about how well the year had gone and how thankful he was to the rest of the committee and the membership for our general awesomeness.  He was, of course, right.

Mr Chairman (M0OLY) then descended from his throne and stood down in the shack whilst we decided that he wasn’t going anywhere and he could get back in here and do his job.  This was a unanimous vote, and shows how much the membership hold his good self in high esteem. (Or it means that no one else wanted to do the job…)

Ian (G8BQT) decided that he had done his time for the club as Deputy Chairman, having slaved over a hot kettle for many years and eaten his bodyweight in Kitkats.  He intends to spend his retirement from the club committee investigating the perfect bread for a bacon sandwich, and we hope to aid him in his efforts at every Special Event station that is run.  There are rumours he may diversify into sausage sandwiches, but these are, as yet, unproven.  His vague and slightly hopeless replacement, Sarah (2E0NRX) is nervously anticipating the enormous workload, and has decided that it is time for a change – Kitkats for outgoing Deputy Chairmen, Oreo Chocolate for the incoming.  (She is however encouraging bowing and scraping to herself by all and sundry.)

Eric (G4JNQ) is continuing as Finance, and this is also because he does a sterling job, and certainly gives his pound of flesh (all puns intended).  We are all eternally thankful that he wants to continue!

Ted (G4OZG) tried hard to retire from Membership, and failed. He was slightly disappointed, but after a while and some nudging and hinting, Dave ‘volunteered’ to become the apprentice with a view to taking over later in the year once he has learned his trade.  It is a responsible job of much seriousness.

The only position that remains open is that of QSL manager.  Steve wishes to step down, but is happy to provide training for the volunteer that comes forward.  He has done the job for a considerable number of years, and is keen to give someone else the chance of this most fulfilling role.

Other subjects for discussion were the repeater, the Special Events that are planned, the repeater, the training scheme (Foundation starts 14/2/19 and Kev is happy to help anyone who wants to do the Advanced!) the repeater, new antenna developments, and, possibly, someone mentioned the repeater.

Overall, it was a most excellent and productive meeting, and was a fine example of how a hardworking club talks and moves forward together.  They could make a Hollywood film of it… (There’s certainly enough strong characters!)

However,  lest anyone think that the world had changed, worry not….

Radio and Mysterious boxes, Mysterious boxes and radio. (and the Folder of Eric, which None Shall Touch!)

And so the evening drew to a close, and the AGM ended for yet another year.