Club Night Diaries – May 2019


This week opens with a photo of Mark (G0LGJ) from the RSGB, who came to look at how we do our exams. All is good. The Foundation examination candidates did a good job and all were smiling at the end.

Happy Mark, happy Mr Chairman, Happy Mr Trainer! See the cheerful faces! Mark has also offered/been coerced into doing a talk on digital radio, with a provisional date of 20/6/19.

In other news, the Bringers Of Mysterious Boxes have brought a plastic bag with a fancy white box in it.

Having had conversations with the BOMB squad, it would appear that One of the Mysterious Boxes has been stolen from a car. This is a sadness, and we mourn the loss.

Whilst we are on the subject of loss, we at aware that two CND entries have been lost to time. One was caused by the author being involved in a contest and doing very badly, (so badly that “at least you tried” didn’t really help…) and going home in a Slough Of Despair. The other was caused by a technical issue…

However, we are back on track and using the WordPress app, thus negating the really technical stuff!

A Shack Tidy began, and although there was much discussion, stuff was shifted. Ian oversaw the work in his usual fashion.