Club Night Diaries – October 2019


Notices first, as per usual.

  1. Bob wants to recreate a photo for the 50th anniversary of the call sign. It will be magnificent. Volunteers need to speak to Bob (M0KLX)
  2. 10/11/19 RAYNET AGM is here. 2pm.  Some people might go.
  3. G4RQU – New member – stuff for sale will be on the website.
  4. Thanks to the JOTA/JOTI crew for turning up for a day and a half.  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Guides all managed to obtain their JOTA/JOTI and communication badges. Dave (2E0KSF) didn’t get a badge, and was sad about that.
  5. Ted (G4OZG) put on an awesome display of yellow submarine radio (pictures to follow)
  6. Ted (G4OZG) announced CQ Worldwide is this weekend – 48hrs sideband, report 59/14 Work some countries and be there!  It is the place to be. 80/40/15/10. There was much excitement.  Well.  some rumblings of joy.  Well. Mutterings.
  7. Boxes of cable available – see Kev (M0KKM) if you want any.
  8. Kev’s (M0KKM) garage needs a clean out, and there may be a table top sale in the offing because he has that much stuff.  In fact, we may have to invite other clubs, there’s so much stuff.  Or other countries.
  9. 7/11/19 Steve (G0KYA) talk on new propagation tools and software, as seen at Newark. (Robin can’t come, and unfortunately, life is like that.  He’s going to see a Mummy.) There are more details on the events calendar.

What else was going on?

The current Foundation course was continuing.  Only one of the usual two is here tonight, but that’s ok.

Clive and the Bringers Of Mysterious Boxes were in full flow, spreading ‘stuff’ over the entire table.

Ted was in the shack with the aforementioned ‘yellow submarine’ radio.

He had an appreciative audience.

Other discussions involved Ian and Jeff discussing “Bands We Have Seen With People Who Are Now Dead.”, Robin discussing Festival Too Before It Was Festival Too, and the fact that his dad delivered Matt Munro’s son, and Chairman Mick being a grownup and discussing the Talk That Is Happening.

And then there was the Claim To Fame conversation, which was of epic proportions. Debbie McGee, Leslie Crowther and Her Majesty the Queen.  One person in our club can claim two of the three as his claim to fame. (not in the same incident, we hasten to add!)  Someone else has been on tv with Prince Harry and someone else’s father delivered Matt Munro’s son. And an actual claim to fame is that one member has sat talking to Patrick Moore, in his study, whilst stroking Ptolemy! And that is just a few! We are a well connected club.

It was a busy night.  There was even decaffeinated coffee! (although we’ll need sugar for next week)

And then there was Actual Radio.  But we got over that.

There’s some more stuff to do on the website, so if I get chance to add more of the scintillating discussions, I will.  If not….



Notices first.

  1. The committee meeting is tonight.
  2. JOTA.  Be there or be square. (Ben’s not coming, he has a bad back.)
  3. Ted is going to apply for the call sign for one of our long standing member.
  4. G3XYZ is 50 years old next month (The call sign)
  5. Ben has a bad back.

Committee meeting started, so yours truly stopped taking notes, because that’s not what we do when we have a committee.  Although it has to be said that whilst His Lordship progresses at speed, he’ll never beat the Vice Chair.  This was commented on by the populace.

More voting. Unanimous voting. Everyone needs to help with all the jobs.  Don’t think that because someone has been doing it for years that they necessarily want to keep doing it forever.

More jobs that Ted needs to not do, and that someone needs to do.  (Not me.  I’m doing this.  All the time)

Kev is going to do some stuff.  Mike will help him.

Eric talked about stuff. (I’m always in awe of Eric and the maths involved.)

Shack manager vote.  Manifestos were presented.  Hustings were had.  Geoff asked questions.  His Lordship wrestled back control from the assembled hordes and moved on. Geoff asked more questions.

A vote was had.  A result was gained.  (But this is Club Night Diaries and so there will be no details given)

Geoff had another question to raise in AOB. (He’s good at questions, and they are always thoughtful and useful.)

Meeting was closed.  His Lordship got a round of applause.  (He’s been on holiday, btw)


Once more, His Lordship was absent, and so notices took approximately 30 seconds.

  1. The committee meeting is next week.
  2. There is a further silent key sale, and unfortunately, we are also unaware of the call sign.  This will appear on the For Sale page when possible.
  3. JOTA/JOTI is 18th, Sarah (2E0NRX) will collect volunteer names.

Now, the rest of the night continued.  There was a discussion about why Chas and Dave would be used as the warm up act for Led Zepplin in 1979.  Why chickens had to be vaccinated for a infections bronchitis disease called Newcastles disease. Obviously Brexit. Some teaching went on by Kev.

And then there was this.  Oh the beauty.  The valves.  The pride!  Stunning.  And radio related, which made a change tonight!

Anyway, that was tonight.




Club night happened.  But without His Lordship, was it even worth writing up?

The Vice Chair did the notices superbly, tackling any hecklers with a firm glare.

  1. The committee meeting is in 2 weeks time delayed due to His Lordship’s Grand Tour of Warm Places.
  2. JOTA/JOTI is 18th October,