Club Night Diaries – September 2018

27th September 2018

Tonight’s club night was much more serene than last week, mainly due to the awareness of the readership that Club Night Diaries now exists!


Jack and Geoff were attempting the data contest that was on tonight, but with only 7 contacts in 16 minutes, it looks like something is not working properly.

The Intermediate Training Cohort were investigating variable frequency oscillators and the different environmental factors that can affect them.  There’s even a video tonight of Trainer Kev in action.


For a classier video of the same principle being used on purpose, check out a theramin.

In Speaker’s Corner tonight, the discussions were varied and interesting!  There was much arm waving and Clive demonstrated his new antenna.

This weekend there’s a fair few of the club who are off to Newark Hamfest,so next week’s Club Night Diaries could well be a dissection of that!  (It should have been a committee meeting, but that’s been postponed until the 11th October, starting at 7:45.)

Lastly, here’s the latest from TX Factor.  Episode 21 is up, (and it’s one that Olly isn’t in!)


20th September 2018

Tonight’s club night was busy and really showed the variety of types of radio!

At the whiteboard, a heated discussion on antennas and the nature of infinity took place…


…using pictures to prove a point!

In the Shack, Mike and Jack were ‘just playing’ with a Clansman, hooking the 320 up to the club antenna array, and checking the frequencies to see how far out the almost 40 year old radio was. (It wasn’t!)  Michael is going to experiment with it over the week on CW.

“Hmmm.  What does this do?”

“I don’t know.  Twiddle it anyway!”

In the Training Corner, the Intermediate Training Cohort were learning how to solder and make the little lightbulbs light to prove they had made a circuit.  Kev did a sterling job of making sure no-one burned themselves.

Everyone got a kit?

Instructions, all clear and with all the bits in the envelopes.

Carl was allowed to use hot things!

Dave was very pleased to make the little lightbulb light!

This is an important part of the Intermediate Training as it encourages the trainees to think about and engage with circuits and the way that they work.


Next week  – more of the same!