KLARC is actively involved in amateur radio contests, and is always striving to increase participation in a wider variety of RSGB contests.

Whilst we mainly take part in the RSGB 80m Club Championships, (finishing 6th in the 80m CC General club category for 2022) and only missed 5th by 70 points!

We are always looking to improve and would encourage anyone to take part no matter how good/bad you think you will do, to quote a famous TV ad “every little helps”.  There are contests for most bands and modes, such as SSB, CW and Data.

The next RSGB series is the Autunm series starting Monday 5th Sept, all dates, rules etc can be found on the RSGB website.

There are a lot of contests out there, and these webpages are useful calendars.

RSGB Contest Committee

8 day contest calendar


If you are interested, please speak to Ted (G4OZG), Jeff (G6YPJ), Kev(M0KKM) or Mike (G1SCT/G0SHC)  and they will happily advise and help in any way that they can.