KLARC is actively involved in amateur radio contests, and is always striving to increase participation in a wider variety of RSGB contests.

Whilst we mainly take part in the RSGB 80m Club Championships, (finishing tenth in the summer championships this year!) we are always looking to expand.  There are contests for most bands and modes, such as SSB, CW and Data.

There are a lot of contests out there, and these webpages are useful calendars.

RSGB Contest Committee

8 day contest calendar


If you are interested, please speak to Ted (G4OZG), Jeff (G6YPJ), or Mike (G1SCT/G0SHC)  and they will happily advise and help in any way that they can.


For those who’d like to have a try at contesting without the pressure, why  not try a QSO party? Details are here, or contact Kev (M0KKM).