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From Trevor G4EOJ,

I would hope to offer one rig with the additional pieces such as the Ezee match, swr meter and microphone together. Any enquiries can be made direct by phone or my email address, phone 01485 542206 and email

You will see from the photographs an old favourite the Trio ( Kenwood ) TS830S, this was bought by me new in the late 1970’s and has given sterling service – still got the original 6146bs in the PA and as you will see.In very good condition. Handbook The other rig is the ICOM IC745, again a very popular rig, solid state with built in power supply, also in very good condition, bought from the late G4ABS in the mid 1980’s and he was only the second owner. Full general coverage. Handbook – bought as a spare rig. The other items are:- KW ( Ezee ) match,  KW SWR meter,  Kenwood speaker SP230,  spare 6146b valves,   12 volt PSU, Shure 444 microphone.
The Morse key is an Air Ministry Marconi type D and it still has the cover. I also have a 1970’s 2 metre rig the IC 240, the one using “ S “ numbers for channel selection ( remember those ? ). To add channel numbers one had to solder small diodes onto a PCB, not worth anything, a museum piece, but could be added to any purchase for free. Almost mint condition.

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