Rally 2022

Kings Lynn Amateur Radio Club held the 32nd Great Eastern Radio Rally on sunday 7th August 2022.

The rally day dawned bright, clear, and early.  Set up went quickly and efficiently thanks to the high level of organisation and the willing voulenteers.  The car parking was much easier this year as there was no car boot sale to contend with, much to Ben`s relief!

Many thanks to Mike (M0XXM)  &Ted (G4OZG) for their sterling work organising the venue and to all the club members who helped on the day, no need to name you, you know who you are but a special mention to Sarah (2E0NRX) for the brightest hair on the day!

Again the weather gods were with us and it was a very successful day, for both the club and traders.

We were again supported by the lovely ladies from the Gaywood Community Center who ran the kitchen providing excellent refreshments, Many thanks ladies.

This year we have even had a little feedback from a happy trader-

It was a very enjoyable rally for us both. I didn't sell a lot but bought a few odds and ends. Mind you, I only took a few odds and ends to sell. 
Janet also bought a couple of plants.

All of your club team are a true credit to the amateur radio hobby. 
Hard working, smartly dressed, easily recognised, friendly and helpful.
Also, the arrangement  you have with Barford rally group is something not often seen. Sharing resources and knowledge is a great idea. More clubs might also consider doing it, to the benefit of all. It is so nice to see everyone working together for the benefit of visitors and also their own club.

A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE from both of us!
Please will you forward this email to everyone involved?

Best wishes,
Robin G3XDA and Janet Holderness, Spalding.