Repeaters and Gateways

We operate 2 repeaters for local use in the 70cm  FM/Fusion (GB3KL) and 2m FM (GB3KY) bands. These are financed by club membership fees.

The original 2m repeater was built and converted from PMR usage by Derek Chapman G4SJV. It  is dedicated to the memories of Cyril G8XTY and Ron G1ONF who did all the hard work to get the repeater licensed. Now sadly silent key in this world, but no doubt listening from elsewhere.

Visit the repeaters website here


Frequency – 145.7125

Shift -0.600

CTCSS – 94.8Hz

GB3KY has had further work and is now performing very well.
Many operators are reporting being able to access using Handhelds from their home QTH.
Many thanks to John, Aidan and Digital Mike for their support.


Frequency – 433.100

Shift +1.6

CTCSS – 94.8Hz

C4FM enabled

GB3KL 70cms Analogue/Fusion Repeater
Output 433.100 Input 434.700

Repeater Keeper: Peter G0IJU

(This link has been temporarily removed, updates will be posted as they are available)


MB6SW 144.8375

This is a new DV Fusion 2 metre gateway, located in South Wootton and has been tested mobile in and around the town, giving a good coverage.  You can expect a much greater coverage using a base station.

The output is low due to limits imposed by Ofcom. The Gateway is not linked to any room by default and is active most of the day and evenings.  it can be linked to any of the hundreds of available rooms via the X button on a Yaesu rig.

Please feel free to use the Gateway.