Shack News


Knowing that everyone is desperate for an update, and getting fed up of waiting for actual copy from the Shack Managers, Club Night Diaries is moonlighting tonight!

So here we are.  The pictures aren’t the best, for many reasons, but as the Observant Reader can see, the stands have  been painted, the monitors are in place and we have twin monitors for the HF computer.

The HF station is ready to go.

The UHF/VHF has a monitor, and a laptop that doubles as a mobile operations computer (except at Lighthouses, because as we all know, there’s no coverage at Hunstanton!)

Haven’t the boys done well?  As always, any feedback is welcome.  There is still more to do (there are always tweaks for a shack, aren’t there!) but it’s a big step forward on where we were at the start of December.  Come and do some radio!





Today was really out with the old and in with the new as Kev (M0KKM) and Jack (2E0HSP) began the changes that got them elected as shack managers.

Before they started, we took a few pictures.

Then they took everything out.  EVERYTHING. (Unless it was stored under a counter, but they are working on that!)


It looked a bit bare and empty.

However, yesterday, these two, with the help of Mike (M0XXM) had built the new stands that were going along the back of the counter tops.  They are sturdy, they have a lip that prevents anything being pulled forward off of them, they are fit for purpose.  They need painting, but that will happen when the weather is better.

Lovely.  So then they just had to reassemble everything into the right place.  And the right place is possibly a different place to where it was before, and that is life.

The computer is in the middle, allowing easy access to it.  On the left is the VHF/UHF/digital station, on the right is HF connected to the computer for easy logging.

The second monitor needs a fettle, but Kev is on the case.

The corner will then become the trophy cabinet, enabling us to move the trophy cabinet which will allow headspace for that end of the shack to become a working area.

Jack and Kev then tested everything, and even made  a contact with the Milton Keynes Club, G4FVZ, who is about to start the same process with his club.


This will be an ongoing space for Kev (M0KKM) and Jack (2E0HSP) to keep us updated on the shack and what’s happening in it.