Update: GB3KL 70cms Analogue/Fusion Repeater

GB3KL 70cms Analogue/Fusion Repeater
Output 433.100 Input 434.700

Repeater Keeper: Peter G0IJU Link Keeper Roy G8KOC

The Repeater is now dual mode and is linked to the WIRES-DX worldwide system via an RF gateway.

You can use it as a normal analogue repeater or by switching to DN mode on your Yaesu rig (same frequency) link to CQ-UK room.

The WIRES-X gateway is attended use and may not always be available, however the repeater will function 24/7 in the NV mode.

You can disconnect the CQ-UK room using you trans receiver in the X mode and reconnect to any of the hundreds of Worldwide stations any time while on the repeater.

To access other rooms on a Yaesu FTM100D:

  • Press and hold the DX button ( X flashes on the L/H side of Frequency display).
    When GB3KL is connected X is solid and the display will show:
    GB3KL-LINK Kings Lynn CQ-UK
  • Press and hold BAND/MHz Button – this displays CATEGORY list – Rotate Dial to Display ALL Rooms then press DISP/SETUP briefly. This will display a list of all accessible rooms (100s).
  • Rotate the dial to select the room you want to connect to – then press DISP/SETUP Make your call.
  • To disconnect press and hold * (star) on the microphone for over 1 second – Then if needed press DX button.
  • Please leave a 4 second gap between overs to allow link to reset.

More information on WIRE-X radios and System can be found by downloading THE WIRES-X BIBLE. Google it.
Also have a look at this for CQ-UK info – http://www.cq-uk.com/livefeed

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