Yaesu Fusion Mode

MB6ISW-GW DV Fusion Simplex Gateway 431.075 Node id 31098 Room id 41098.
Licenced for attended use 5 watt ERP
The Gateway is active in South Wootton giving a coverage of Kings Lynn for mobiles ( not yet tested outside of town )

How to use Gateway with a Yaesu Fusion Radio:
1. Set Frequency to 431.075. for MB6ISW Kings Lynn 431.0875 for MB6IWB ( Wisbech )
2. Select DN Mode.
3. Press the PTT and Talk.

The Gateway is set to UK-NET-HUB and your transmissions will come out of all connected Gateways – Repeaters and Nodes in the UK normally 20 plus.
You can disconnect the UK-Net-Hub using your transceiver in the X mode and reconnect to any of the hundreds of world-wide stations at any time while in the Gateway.

MB6IWB-GW DV Fusion Gateway 431.0875.
Node ID 18772 Room ID 28772.
Licenced to Barrie G7UFI at Marshland St James.

For Full Wires x Info see the Wires x Bible here

Feel free to use the gateways!

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