Hello and Happy New Year,

The Radio Club is currently meeting on Thursday evenings from
19:30 at the Scout Hall. Warm coats, scarves and Face Masks are
to be worn, social distancing is recommended and the doors are
open to ensure good ventilation. It can be very cold but as safe as
we can make it for everyone.

VHF Nets both starting at 7pm on Sundays through GB3KY and on
Tuesdays on 144.290 MHz USB (Vertical Antennas).

If you have a licence please join in, If you don’t have an Amateur
Radio Licence we can help. Want to join in but don’t know how?
check out the KLARC Net guide or drop me an email.

The Club Skype chats continue where both opinions and knowledge
can be shared. Help is available to join in!

Ideas and volunteers for club activities are always appreciated and
experience is not necessary.
Sarah (2E0NRX) has put together a list of Radio events that we
could take part in this year, please let us know if you would like the
Club to get involved in any of these or other events.

If you need help with the hobby, meeting up, finding us on air or
virtually please send me an email, m0xxm@hotmail.com.

Our Club AGM is scheduled for 19:00 Thursday 3rd February, items
for the agenda can be emailed to the Club Secretary .
Cheers, 73,
Mike (M0XXM)