Club Night Diaries – December 2018


Last week was Committee Meeting, delayed from the week previous because of the Intermediate Training Cohort Exam, and the very interesting talk by Roger (G3LDI), of which there was copious notes taken in glorious technicolour.

This week was the Christmas Meeting, wherein we met, enjoyed company, chatted some radio, amongst other things, and attempted to make FLDigi work.  Here is a group photo of the Christmas joy in full swing.  Observe the zebra jumper…


However, the big news of the evening was the official announcement that the Intermediate Training Cohort had all been joyously successful in passing their test, although the RSGB hadn’t sent any call signs yet!  Those in attendance ‘volunteered’ to have their photo taken to be sent off to Radcom for boasting purposes.

Obviously, passing his Intermediate went gone straight to Pirate Dave’s head and he fell in love with a gloriously solid radio, with big knobs to twiddle, and all things were good.

Sadly however, the Bringers of Mysterious Boxes had brought no mysterious boxes, which meant we discussed whether Bob’s jumper was more zebra (as his son said) or barcode (as we said).  It was a thrilling discussion.

Meanwhile, in the shack, the battle between Kev and FLDigi continued.  Eventually, Kev was the winner.  Unfortunately, we’re not sure what he did to make it work, and neither is he.  Investigations shall continue.

Now, we aren’t here next week, we are back again on 3/1/19, same time as usual.  It’s been a glorious year with much change, and we shall gather the highlights and lowlights for a Year Summary.  If you’ve anything that you think needs to be in, let me know! and I’ll put it together over the next week.

In the meantime,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from KLARC!



Usually, Club Night Diaries is a thrill packed live account of what went on at one of Norfolk’s – nay, the world’s – most up and coming clubs.  Last night, with O2 being down and therefore no internet, this was not the case.  However, it was no less thrill packed.

Obviously, nobody was allowed to the club until 1930 because of the Intermediate Training Cohort taking Their Exams.  Results will be formally announced in due course, but there seemed to be no tears or chest beating.   There was, perhaps, a slightly manic feel of relief that it was over, and that, perhaps, it hadn’t been as bad as first thought it might be.  The Exams are hard, but that is to maintain the knowledge of the hobby,  and Kev makes everything as understandable as it can be.  He’s a clever lad, and we are working on him to begin an advanced course.

Then it was time for the Talk.  After a small technical hitch, we were able to get underway, and Roger, (G3LDI)  provided us with a fascinating look at the world of contesting, going through the different modes available and the different programmes that can be used in the shack to help make logging make sense.  A fuller account of this talk will be written up at a later date from the copious and multi-coloured notes taken, after the notes have been verified for accuracy. (It was quite dark!)

Of course, the reader can see that so far there are no photos on this post.  Firstly, it was dark, and secondly, the assembled populace consumed the scones and cakes before there was a chance to take a photograph.  The refreshments, as provided by Olly’s Shack Manager, were of sterling quality as usual, with light fluffy scones and delightful little tarts.  In fact, they were so delightful, that one Unnamed Member was fortunate enough to take a small  doggy bag away with him!  Yours truly was asked that it would not be mentioned, but the truth is a vital part of Club Night Diaries, and scone-based skullduggery such as this should not be hidden!

Of course, the Bringers of Mysterious Boxes did not let us down.  It may have been exam and talk night, but let us not forget the need to share. (It is nearly Christmas after all!)

Next week is a committee meeting week.  Oh what joy is ours!