Club Night Diaries – February


It’s a busy night at club.  We have visitors!

But first, notices.

  1. 27/2/2020 Rob Chipperfield M0VFC 7:45 start. (This is next week.  Be there people!)
  2. 19/3/2020 Jim Bacon (G3YLA) 7:45 start.  
  3. Andy (M0NKR) came from the RSGB to introduce himself and have a look around.

And that was notices….

In other news… there was Green Radio.  There was much excitement from the Landy brigade, and they went off up to the common to see if they could talk to the

Look at the delight on their little faces.  Oh what joy is theirs!  Sadly, it is believed that we have lost Pirate Dave to the lure of the chunky green metal radios.  Only time will tell.

and then CND had to leave the building, so we have no idea what happened for the rest of the evening!

Answers on the back of a CQ card please….




The world believes the road is closed.  This is erroneous.  It is in fact closed after the club site, which is a nebulous definition of the concept of the closed road.

We are here. (George is not.  Where is George?  And Clive?  Where is Clive?)

There was notices.

A notice. (This is a nebulous definition of notices)

  1. RSGB FT4 contest is on Monday 17th February.  Details are here.

That was it for notices.  Except that the shack is closed for the evening whilst Kev and Jack get up to something with a drill.

There was a Very Intense discussion about Outside events and callsigns and club insurance and stuff.  Words were written and a clear (and not nebulous) document has been created.

The Chairman has written a new welcome page (yes, this is a slow news night) and there is even a photo!




It’s the AGM.

All the great and the good are gathered.  With bated breath we wait upon the chairman to start the meeting…

4 minutes late.

The edited highlights are:

  1. Minutes are approved.
  2. Chair thanks all for coming, all who helped, all who want to help, and says ‘it’s your club! If you have any ideas, bring them!”
  3. Secretary says “We’ve got more members.  All is good.”
  4. Treasurer says lots of things but money is none of anyone else’s business.
  5. Chair is happy to continue unless anyone else wants to do a better job.
  6. Nobody wanted the Secretary or Treasurer’s jobs either.
  7. Repeater Liaison said “both repeaters have had work.  KY – the mains failure report is on so if you hear it, call one of these people and it will get fixed.  There’s nothing we can do about the trees.  KL is having work done in the summer when the weather is better. Equipment wise – the library is moving forward, we’ve got the equipment list, people can borrow stuff and so on.”  (There was more, but then it got to be a bit debate-like, almost like a real meeting.)  There was voting.  And proposals. And stuff.  And chatter.  Some laughter.  We’re getting specific at the next meeting.
  8. AOB – Steve – Parks on the air will be 1st March, 10am-3pm, Roydon Common. If you’re interested, then hang about next week after the Chairman’s message for a chat.
  9. No more business. Meeting closed.


What else?

Peter (G4RKN) is after copies of Elektor magazine from 2015 onwards.  If anyone has any for sale or just taking up valuable radio space, email

General chat occurred except for the Communications Department who made the internet zing with confirming talks.

27/2/2020 Rob Chipperfield M0VFC 7:45 start.

19/3/2020 Jim Bacon (G3YLA) 7:45 start.  This is a change of date as Jim has an 80mCC contest that he really ought to be doing.

What a busy night!