Club Night Diaries – January 2020


There were no mysterious boxes this week.  It is a sadness.

However.  There were notices.

  1. AGM is next week – 7:45 kick off.
  2. FT8, FT4 demo tonight. 8pm.
  3. Kev announced the changes to The Door. (photos to follow!)
  4. Canvey Rally is this weekend (2nd February 2020)
  5. Parks on the Air is proposed for 29th Feb or 1st March, depending on what Steve decides.

The FT8/FT4 demo went ahead as planned and was Very Exciting.  (Honestly) To be fair, people did look really interested, but so many were attending that those of a shorter stature couldn’t see what was happening.

There was a deep discussion on the ethical considerations of burning wood and coal.

There was a disgusting conversation about mango worms, plague, bott flies, and grim ways to die from infestations.  How delightful.  And then there was video of said things…

After this, Club Night Diaries again returned to The Shack for the question and answer session, and found this very informative.

The Shack managers did more work to the shack, and then all decided that enough was enough and all were homeward bound.

An excellent night.




All was quiet and still when we arrived, as there had been an accident at the Hardwick and some people were late arriving.

There were announcements, done in expert style by the Vice-Chair, with the use of teacher voice, and only one teacher look at Jeff (G6YPJ) for talking when she was talking.

The announcements were as follows

  1. 6/2/2020 is the AGM.
  2. We have a new Facebook page.
  3. Thursday next week (30/1/2020) at 8pm Kev (M0KKM) will be running an FT8/FT4 training session in the shack.
  4. There is a QSO party this weekend coming (this was a reminder from last week and the details are on the link last week)
  5. It’s raining in Spain.

That was about it for notices.

Those Bringers Of Mysterious Boxes were at it again.

The shack managers made a lot of mess, and one of the New Shelves has gone back for a paint job.

And Kev was caught reading the manual.  Things must have got to a desparate stage….

That was about it for the evening.



This was an ordinary club night.  There were mysterious boxes.  There were mumblings in the shack as the Shack Managers put lights in underneath the tiered shelving.

There were announcements…

  1. Pay your membership!
  2. AGM is 6th Feb.  Be there or be square.
  3. There’s a talk by Rob M0VFC on 27th Feb which has a tough act to follow after last weeks exciting and interesting talk on the Chairman’s trip through the Frozen North.
  4. We have another glorious success in the Foundation Stakes as Charles became M7CEB after passing his exam with flying colours and  maintaining Kev’s 100% success rate.
  5. There is a contest on Saturday afternoon. Details are here , but it is 40m-80m and, as our beloved leader put it “Shouty Shouty”.
  6. The following week, there is an AM QSO Party.  Details here.
  7. There was a repeater update from the Repeater Liason Officer.  They’ve tried fixing it.  They’re still trying.  If you hear the low battery warning once an hour, it’s waiting to be fixed.  If you hear it 5 times in succession, they are trying to fix it.
  8. There was more shack work to be done.

That was about it really.  There had clearly been some snack shopping done and there was a welcome appearance made by Double Deckers.

Someone told a terrible joke that implied a lack of tea-bags.  This was not funny.

The web-mistress also set up/re-set up depending on your point of view, a new Facebook page in order to make live events easier to document.  Check it out on

(By the way, whilst doing this, the Chairman was heard to mention that the rally is looking for volunteers.  Make sure your diary is clear for that weekend!)

That would appear to be about it for today!




The talk.

There was a magnificent turnout, a wide array of show and tell stuff, an actual video with sound and comedy captions and so forth. (If you missed it, it’s here!)  The journey from King’s Lynn to Tromsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, (the Chair suggested the ‘o’ key was held down to supply the correct accent on the o.  This did not work.) Anyway.  The journey from King’s Lynn to Tromsø was well documented, with some beautiful pictures of the scenery and Northern Lights.

The Chairman wowed us with his oratory, and the catering department provided a mighty spread of sandwiches (cheese, ham and prawn mayonnaise), sausage rolls, and cake.  Plenty of cake.

Whilst this was not specifically a radio related talk, it was fascinating, and if anyone else has anything they would like to talk about, please do let the Chair know.  We are always looking for more talkers!


Well, Happy New Year!

Yours truly wasn’t at club, having a family event. All was good.  Nobody told Club Night Diaries about any important notices, other than the talk that is coming on 09/01/2020.

It’s a short entry, is this one!