Club Night Diaries – August 2019


Notices were led by The Boss, as usual.

  1. There was a sad report of Fred, G0KZI, who went silent key this week.  Our condolences will be sent to his family.  Whilst he had not been able to attend for a while, he contributed to the life of the club for a long time.
  2. The 5 volunteers that turned up for the Gaywood Fun Day and Car Boot parking expedition were thanked.  The Community centre really appreciated our help.
  3. Ted (G4OZG) has a spare Hamfest ticket for the Friday – speak to him if you are interested.
  4. There is a Mast to be collected from Wootton Road – see Mike (M0XXM) if you are able to help.
  5. Shack Clearout – there has been some Evicting of Stuff from the shack.  Kev (M0KKM) has the knowledge of what it is and whether it’s for sale.
  6. Connected to that, there is a position or positions available for Shack Manager/s to oversee the changes to the Shack and keep on top of stuff generally.
  7. The repeater (GB3KL) is currently on CQUK as a default, and Ted (G4OZG) has suggested that we have this as a local C4FM room instead.  If you’ve got an opinion on this, please let Ted know.
  8. The last item was that the club has managed to achieve 27th out of 87 entries for the AFS (RSGB contest) which is a combination o f the HF championships and the Autumn Series.  We were very pleased, seeing as we didn’t know we’d been entered! (It turns out it’s an automatic entry.  But well done us anyway!)


In other news, the shack remodel was discussed ad infinitum, and various people expressed various opinions. That is obviously acceptable, and then we’ll do it the Shack Manager’s way! (Who ever that is!)

The training continued.  Tonight was trimming antenna.

Cutting and tuning with abandon! (Under strict supervision from Kev!)

The general discussions continued.

Clive and Bob were playing with something.  They were enjoying it anyway.

Peter found an interesting box of tricks, which he said was a 10ghz microwave transmitter, probably out of a burglar alarm that he can convert to an amateur tv transmitter.  Genius.

Shack discussions continued, sometimes louder than others, and Ted carried on sneaking stuff back into the shack that other people were trying to clear out.

And no.  I have no idea what happened to the last couple of weeks.  It’s been the summer holidays.  Life happens.  Normal service will be resumed as long as this laptop holds up!



After two weeks away and nobody taking up the baton of CND, we returned to a quiet Club Night.  (Lighthouses is next weekend.) We were scheduled for a committee meeting, and this took place. (Lighthouses is next weekend.) Our Chairman managed to cut the time down to approximately 8 minutes, which we felt was tea drinking time well saved for the evening.  (Lighthouses is next weekend.)The main points were :-

  1. The Rally – Didn’t we do well? There were, as far as we know, no complaints, (although some grumpy car booters, but such is life) and whilst there were a few things we want to improve for next year, the general concensus was that is was lovely, full of appropriate stalls and stands, and everyone had a Jolly Good Time. (Lighthouses is next weekend.)
  2. The repeater – GB3KY has had some fettling and it is now much happier.  A subject for discussion at a later date was raised about the digital nature of GB3KL and this is To Be Discussed. (Lighthouses is next weekend.)
  3. We were reminded about the imminent nature of LightHouses on the Air, which is the 17/18 of August this year and again, for us, at Hunstanton Lighthouse.  Sadly no mention was made of bacon and sausages, but rest assured that they will be there.  Next weekend.
  4. And that was it.  Lovely.

Oh, and Dave of the Membership wants me to mention that everyone needs to check we have their most recent email address with him. (Lighthouses is next weekend.)  You can email if you aren’t sure which one he has, and I will put this on breaking news as well. (Lighthouses is next weekend.)

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, Lighthouses is next weekend!