Club Night Diaries – July


Before notices, there was a hearty discussion on programming hand helds so that they actually work at the rally.  On the Thursday before the rally, all who are helping (and if you aren’t, do let us know that you can!) need to bring their radios to the club to make sure that we are on the right frequency.  And there isn’t a shift on.  And they work.

Also, there was a vital discussion on the raffle tickets needed to monitor enterence.   It was debated as to whether we needed to start on number 1, or if we could write down the number we start on and perform the not very complicated maths required to work out how many came through the door.

And then Our Glorious Leader started going through his list of things that need to be done for the Rally, and Ted started telling him that they were all done.  Or nearly done.  Or on their way to  being done.  Or any combination of the above.

*This next section was typed live, as it was happening* (This is a new thing on CND)

Following this, it was discovered that the Red Box had Something In It, which it didn’t before.  Not only that, but the key that had been clipped to the lid was no longer there.  Is the key in the Black Box? Could that have happened? Could it be in the tray? Could that be happening?


It was.

Mystery solved.

That was quite exciting.

*end of live transcript*


  1. There are no notices (according to the Chairman)
  2. The Chairman was wrong.
  3. There is a 40m QSO party this weekend 11-1pm local time (says Kev)
  4. The club is going to make a donation to Ian’s favourite charity, when we know who it is. (says Eric)
  5. The ISS is coming over tonight at 2205. (also says Eric)
  6. We are a few volunteers short for the rally. (says Ted)

And there we go.  That was notices.

After this, there was a long, and involved, discussion about road safety.  It was long.  It was bendy.  It was convoluted.  And who won? I’m not sure anyone cared by the end.



  1. Hurrah for contesters.  There were 7 of them last night, including a log from Steve who had entered his first competition.
  2. Ian’s service is 22nd July, 1130, at Mintlyn. King’s Lynn.
  3. Rally volunteers need to bring radios on Thursday before the rally for a radio check.
  4. New co-ax has arrived to replace the VHF and UHF coax in the shack – we need volunteers for this (see Kev).
  5. 40m QSO party on 20/7/19 for those who fancy a try.  It’s clearly a successful thing to do! (see point 1)

That was it for notices.  The rest of the evening went pretty quietly really.  There weren’t even any Mysterious Boxes! (For reasons that If You Know, You Know.)


4th July 2019

Boxes were unpacked.  Noisily.  For why?  All shall be revealed.


Notices were given

  1. Barford Rally is on Sunday.
  2. The best rally in East Anglia is on the 4th August, and we still need a few volunteers if anyone hasn’t said they can help.  Messages can be passed through
  3. The arrangements for Ian’s funeral and wake were announced, and will be on the front page ( the short version is 22/7/19, 1130, Mintlyn Crematorium and afterwards at Knights’ Hill)
  4. The enormous marquee (3×6 m) was put up inside the room by all present, and whilst it was agreed it was a lovely marquee, it needs 12 people to put it up and takes a long time, and therefore is not practical for club use.  It was suggested that it is sold and replaced with something more suitable and easier to erect.   Comments and suggestions are welcomed to


After announcements, the marquee frame was unpacked, put up, reduced to floor level, had the canvas put on, put up again, and discussed. Alternatives were suggested, and will be discussed at a later date.

After this high level of exertion, the populace settled back to more coffee and tea, some heading to the radio room, some heading to the Outside World to look at antennas, some just sitting about in the main room and chatting about everything from the masons to scaffolding, to random Wireless magazines donated by a member.