Club Night Diaries – November 2018

29/11/18 (Which is really about this week now.)

This week there was a CW contest on, so some people were at home doing it, and the Likely Lads were in the Club Shack, using the CW reader to compete.

The Bringers of Mysterious Boxes surpassed themselves this week.


For those who are confused, this has no relationship to radio, other than to prove what a wildly talented bunch we are.  Here, George demonstrates with the help of Bob’s hands, how to make Pinocchio dance.


This is an unclothed model, freshly carved at The Men’s Shed.  The Bringers of Mysterious Boxes would like to be known as the Chipping-dales, but….. no.

The Intermediate Training Cohort were quietly sinking into the Mire of Random Information, as Kev was firing questions at them in preparation for next week.  If you are not one of the Seven soon-to-be Sages, please don’t attend at the club next week until after 7:30. (But before 8pm, for reasons to be made clear later)

Meanwhile, in the Shack, the Likely Lads were contesting on CW and doing ok.  Ted had said they needed keeping an eye on, so Ian was on the case, making sure they behaved themselves.

For their first time, they managed 15 contacts, and they were really pleased with themselves, especially when they managed to find Ted, who was at home taking part.  Well done boys! A club night is a really good opportunity to try something new with the support of those who know what they are doing.  (and Geoff, who was busy ferreting through Clive’s boxes.)

Now, next week should be a Committee meeting, but it’s being delayed by a week because of a talk that starts at 8pm, (after the exam) by Roger, (G3LDI) who will be telling us all about data operation and CW contesting.  There will also be the usual refreshments.

There will also be a whole new month page for Club Night Diaries.  Life is exciting, isn’t it!


29/11/18 (Catch-up!)

The bright eyed and observant amongst the esteemed readership may have noticed a lack of Club Night Diaries over the last two weeks.  Sadly, yours truly has not been sitting on a beach in Hawaii or even Skegness, and therefore unable to write, but has been kicking the club computer whilst I tried to learn how to use a CW reader.  I actually think it would be quicker to learn CW.  However, I digress.

It’s been a quiet time, although last week there was actual radio going on, and even some soldering as Jack (2E0HSP) worked hard to match the colours to the diagram, and wire up an LSB mod for his clansman.

The Intermediate Training Cohort were still slogging away.

The newly re-named Bringers of Mysterious Boxes were having a lovely time with something with valves.

And this was my view.  Ah.  The joys!

Anyway.  The next part of this weeks CND will be more about this week.  And in fact, next week.  It’s all very wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey….




We open tonight with thanks to all concerned for the completed silent key sales of equipment from Dave (G0WDK).

LOG4OM and QRZ have been successfully been connected and work beautifully.

In contest news, the weekend was reported as a Great Success.  The club is now up to 5th in the RSGB Autumn Series and there is much joy and delight and a fair sprinkling of smugness.

There was also a fast and furious fire sale of books, and new items added to the for sale page.

Other than that, it was a really quiet night.  Lots of people made a move early, George bought one book and got seven he didn’t want for free, and lots of tea was drunk.  Oh, and there were Oreo Dairy Milk bars.

And that was about it…




Tonight’s Club Night has been a quiet one.

CW gentlemen have decamped to the kitchen, and whilst this has slowed down the tea-drinking, it hasn’t stopped it.

The Intermediate training cohort have been soldering and making audio-amplifier kits, which apparently came with Fleetwood Mac preinstalled. (This may have been due to blobby soldering, but who knows.  This is a techinical term…)


Clive brought in a range of green boxes which turned out to be what he termed an early CW kit.

Other topics of conversation included making LOG4OM and QRZ talk to each other.  They are currently estranged on the shack computer.  It’s a sad state of affairs, but we hope for a reconciliation soon.

By 10pm we had tried to get an IC-718 into a bag, into more polystyrene stuck to cardboard, then into a box and away, we had discussed the right kind of sewing machine for making bags for radio stuff, (Pirate Dave is the expert here) and how Mike is logging on a whole list of different software for different contests and how this could be simplified.

Next week, the intermediate training cohort may well be ready for a Mock Exam.  This was also a topic of conversation as they are at panic level Black and rising.

We shall see!