Lockdown Laughter


Today we have several people who wish to share the joy of lockdown laughter.

A noteable contribution comes from Charles (M7CEB)

As you are aware, I have spent many hours attempting to get into the KL repeater for the net, but as yet I have not been successful.
I have obviously spoken to a few members via other modes, FT4 and FT8, and via the Wisbeach repeater and also directly via 2m simplex.
I have been trying to think of something funny to add to the lockdown laughter page, and other than when I erected a DX commander and dug up the garden to bury the radials… The look on my wife’s face and her following comments once she saw what I had done!
Today in preparation for receiving an antenna tuner, I decided to send a wire over the roof of the house.
I borrowed one of my daughters squishy toys, tied on some paracord and stood in the middle of the street.
I started swinging it round and round in an attempt to get enough velocity to hurl it over the roof.
I can now confirm that the paracord and daughters toy are both over the roof, unfortunately not my roof, but next doors.
I can also confirm that paracord does amazing rope burns on the hand!
That’s all the remotely funny news I have, it certainly made my wife laugh, I think in part as a revenge karma for what I have done to the garden!


We also have an offering from George’s wife, who sent Jack this photo to go in.

Debbie says “George is in his cowboy hat, taking in some lockdown sun!” (At the time of writing, we’re not sure if George knows about the photo, but Debbie does, so that’s ok with us!)

The last word today however, will be left to Jeff (G3YPJ)

We shouldn’t be telling Radio Ham jokes ……….. they are not being very well received . (I’ll get him his coat!)

That’s all for this week – and I didn’t mention Radcom once!





Our first entrant this week is Digital Mike, (G1SCT) who writes in to say

“Just to show this genius hasn’t been totally idle during lock down, I did put that aerial on that tower, connect it to that £30 transverter kit from the Ukraine and worked a few stations in a 4 metre contest last night. (see attached photo)”

He also included a link to the  map to show how far he worked.


And all of that on only 10 watts PEP!

What a genius.

Our second entry this week comes from Kev, (M0KKM) who wanted to let us know the dog’s opinion of RadCom. Clearly, he loved it very much – or he was just making Kev a jigsaw!

Kev would also like us to know about the QSO parties that are happening at the moment, for which we are now into week 4.

Until the next time ladies and gentlemen…


So, time for a catch up on the lockdown laughter posts.

Our first contributor is Kev (M0KKM) who is so lovely, he’s sent us a picture of his halo…

(Of course, the discerning reader will see that this is  pair of 2m HALO`s phased & stacked, which work really well for 2m ft8.)

Secondly, Robin (G4RB) has sent in a fascinating powerpoint.  Click on the link and click open, and it will present itself on your computer in glorious technicolour.

Homebrew 9-1 UnUn

Lastly, Mike G1SCT would like to assure us all that he is a genius.  He can’t send any posts to prove this, his mere existence is enough.

Until the next time…


Our first piece of creative genius comes from Mike (M0XXM)

He writes :
‘Recipe for my first Amusing Antenna Attempt.
Ingredients; 4 Screws, 3 Foot of Coax, 2 Silicon Guns and 1 Length of 3×2
Instructions; Laugh for 10 minutes at how silly the idea is. Take 15 minutes to bodge it all together.
Laugh again when you realise that it’s resonant on the 2m calling frequency.

Only one QRP contact so far (M0XXR in the house from the garden).

We shall await updates, probably on the net tonight!

Also, Kev (M0KKM) has produced an antenna, which he claims works well enough to speak to M0XXM.  Again, more updates to come later on the net.



In the spirit of this page, this is Dexter!  He’s 10 weeks old, 10kg, and a bundle of love and entertainment!  He’s play, play, play, play, until the batteries run out and he’s gone!  He keeps Jack (2E0HSP) busy anyway!